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Customer Feedback – Virgo Helmets

Virgo Helmets
Virgo Helmets

Most of us always buy helmets based on only the aesthetic aspects of it. With the rise in the number of bike accidents, people are now realising the importance of a good quality helmet’s role in protecting someone’s life. But, it’s a sad state that even now some people prefer buying the cheap helmets which are sold without any proper specifications, with the sole motive of saving themselves from the cops.

I was really happy that Virgo helmets did not only meet the standards of a good quality helmet but, it looks appealing aesthetically also. I was surprised that Virgo has so many options and variety in helmets. I chose a plain black helmet as I like simple designs.

I personally hate wearing sunglasses with helmets, as its very uncomfortable but, these helmets solved this problem of mine, as they have a face shield(Visor) which offers UV protection.      For all of those people whose preference is not the same as mine, you can choose from a variety of face shields and buy one which suits your needs.

While I was reading about this product before actually going and buying one, I was really attracted towards all the special features which made me choose this over the helmets from other brands. These helmets are BSI and ISI certified, so you can be rest assured that they would serve their primary purpose pretty well.

I actually suffer from a lot of back and neck problems and wearing a heavy helmet used to make it even worse, but these helmets were a blessing in disguise as they are so lightweight and comfortable that I absolutely don’t mind wearing every time I’m riding.

A lot of people, including me hate the fact about how the inside of the helmet starts stinking, especially in the summer season. I was happy to know that Virgo helmet’s interior can be removed and washed easily. The interior of this helmet uses anti-bacterial moisture wicking and odour free fabric which in turn would also protect the hair and scalp from allergies, as helmets are something which most of us would be using on a daily basis.

The helmet from this brand fit my head perfectly and this is very important as, if it is loose then during an accident it would easily come off leaving the head exposed.

If such a comfortable and durable designed helmet, with so many attractive features, would maybe save my life one day why wouldn’t I buy one?

From my personal experience, I know that if you don’t like your helmet, you would find reasons not to wear it often, but this product along with safety also has a very pleasing appearance which would make anyone fall in love with it.

It is completely worth your investment as its one of the best quality helmets and it is available at a very reasonable price.

Overall, I really liked this product and would definitely recommend others to visit Virgo Helmet’s store or check for it online and buy one which suits your need.


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