Virgo No.1 Cromax Full Face Helmet

VIRGO no 1 Cromax Full Face Helmet
VIRGO no 1 Cromax Full Face Helmet

I bought Virgo no. 1 Cromax Full Face helmet around six months back from Amazon. Initially, I was a bit confused about which brand of helmet to go for and buying helmets online was not a good idea for me as I wanted to test the helmet for its toughness myself before I could firmly decide on the brand and quality. But when I looked at this helmet and read the features and specifications of Virgo no 1 Cromax Full Face helmet, it was very impressive.

My perception of not buying helmets online changed with the positive reviews it has got on the internet, so I decided to buy it online through Amazon. An added advantage was that it is very pocket-friendly.  The helmet was delivered on time, the packing was good and the customer support provided by Virgo was wonderful.

The inner cushioning of the helmet is very soft and continuous wearing of helmet does not cause any problem or tiredness at all, it just adjusts perfectly on your head and the air circulation technology adopted in this product ensures a continuous supply of fresh air while you are riding the bike. Some of the features of Virgo no. 1 Cromax Full Face helmet worth mentioning here are:

  1.  BIS & ISI Certified: This helmet is BIS and ISI certified, so it is completely safe to wear this helmet and go out for long adventure trips. The helmet weighs around 1.07 kg and feels very light on the head. Wearing a helmet for a long duration on those long trips is never a problem now.
  2.  Stain Resistant:  The helmet is stain resistant and prevents any kind of mark or stain to stay on the helmet. This enables clear visibility both during day and night. The glass used in the helmet is of very high quality and it prevents any watermark or stain to remain on the glass. It is scratch proof and can be easily cleaned by a normal cloth.
  3. Tough and Sturdy: This helmet is made up of sturdy fiber by Fobbs Fiber Glass Industries, which is a renowned industry in this domain. Their fiber is of high quality and has passed many tests of certification which is necessary for making any fiber.  This helmet with its sheer toughness would protect any injury on the head.
  4. Stylish:  The helmet is of a shiny black color with a wonderful glossy finish which gives a royal feel while wearing it and riding a bike through the streets.
  5. Cost Effective: The helmet, though made up of high-quality fiber is very cost effective. It is the best quality of helmet in this range and I personally recommend everyone to buy this helmet. My trust in Virgo products has increased because of this helmet.

My apprehensions regarding buying helmets online vanished when I bought Virgo No 1 Cromax full face helmet through Amazon. The low cost and an additional discount on Amazon was just the icing on the cake and thus my decision of buying helmet online turned out to be a wise decision. I strongly suggest this helmet to everyone for its safety, style and comfort.


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