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Helmet For Girls Is As Important As For Boys?

Helmet For Girls Is As Important As For Boys?
Helmet For Girls Is As Important As For Boys?

Why Are Helmets Introduced?

With an ongoing debate on gender equality, everyone is so concerned with equal pay, equal respect, and equal recognition. We forget some important issues that also requires equality in a different sense. One of them is the importance of a helmet for girls. Women, government, cops tend to neglect how important it is for girls/women to wear a helmet. This article raises the same issue regarding the importance of helmet for women.

In today’s scenario, if you are leaving your place and going out in the traffic, you cannot guarantee your return back in the evening. A traffic accident is on the rise and is increasing day by day. Thousands of people are dying from the major injuries without a helmet they suffer while driving. To save the people from this problem, helmets have been introduced. There are many benefits of the helmet that can be utilized by the women and are discussed below in the article.

Why Do Girls Not Wear Helmet?

  •    Cop/police always go softer on women/girls. Whereas police army is always hard and tough on men/boys. Women now understand this fact that they can drive by without ever paying any fine for not wearing a helmet.
  •    Some girls/women avoid wearing a helmet because they feel like it may ruin their makeup and mess up their hairstyle.
  • Women are stereotyped for driving slow and carefully while guys for rash driving. This makes wearing a helmet unnecessary for women.

Why Should Girls Wear Helmet?

In the recent years, so many injuries have taken place where a woman is injured badly or lost her life because she was not wearing a helmet. These incidences remind us to realize how important it is to pay attention to both the genders to wear a helmet. Wearing a helmet should be made mandatory for a boy as well as a girl. Following are some of the key benefits of the helmet for every individual whether it is a girl or a boy.

  •    When women wear helmets, they are less likely to be exposed to the dust particles, dirt and small insects to fall into their eyes. Helmets protect their eyes from all of it. Otherwise, you need to be bothered about it which takes your focus away from the driving. Wearing helmets lets, you take full control on your driving without any distraction.
  • Nowadays, wearing a helmet has been made mandatory by the government for both the genders. You are expected to take care of your body and yourself by wearing a helmet. It will only protect you and make you an ideal citizen who does not break the rules and law. There is no point in paying fine for setting up your life in danger. So, have a sense of responsibility and wear a helmet.
  •  The most important benefit of wearing a helmet is that you have your control over your driving and on the road. Accidents might cause a big head injury, you could go mad, crazy or you could even be dead.


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